Fall Activities

Good evening SAA.

Fall is upon us and with that we typically resume our year-round activities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that will look a little different this year.

The City of Richmond is not offering us our usual morning timeslot for our swims at this point. We have accepted the Wednesday/Friday evening timeslot at Watermania that was offered to us. It is later in the evening at 8-9pm. The City is planning to re-assess pool use at the start of November so we may not stay at the evening time permanently, but it is where we are for now. The practices will run similarly to how it was at the Steveston Outdoor Pool. Up to 4 people per lane, everyone brings their own equipment, and no shower use. We have booked this agreement for 13 weeks, which is 26 swims if you do both Wednesday and Friday. The sessions will be set at $10. If you are going to do twice a week this would be $260, and once a week would be $130. If you prefer you can also pay for a “book of 10” and then we can keep track of sessions. If you are unable to attend a practice due to COVID symptoms then your fee will be credited to you. Also, in the event that the province is shut down again we will work with each member if they would prefer a credit for the remaining swims or a refund.

Similar to when we were swimming at the Steveston Outdoor Pool there can be no last minute drop-ins. We will have a list of members who have signed up for each swim, but don’t worry, as long as you contact us the day before you will likely make it on the list, we simply need to make sure we stay within our numbers limits. Please email info@thesaa.ca to sign up for a swim, or communicate that you will not be able to make a swim you have signed up for.

If you have not yet filled out the “Participation Agreement” or the “COVID Waiver” these documents are needed prior to participating in any club events, including swims. They are attached to this email.

The reason for the late evening swims is that the City is only opening Watermania for limited hours and only for group use – there is no public access to Watermania at this time. Until the City sees enough public swim usage at the new Minoru facility they will not be fully re-opening Watermania.  So we want to encourage as many people as we can to use Minoru between now and November. For those of you who would not like to swim in the evenings a group will be booking into Minoru on Saturday mornings at 7:15am as members of the public (not a club sanctioned event).  You can also encourage friends and family to use the new Minoru pool.

Booking a lane at Minoru is not predicated on being a resident of Richmond and can be done here: https://sso.richmond.ca/XUI/?realm=/cor&goto=https%3A%2F%2Fmyrichmond.richmond.ca#login/

On another note: Kevin has taken careful measurements of Spin Central, aka the Zack garage, and we have discovered there is space for 10 participants to remain 2m apart and there is a good airflow to keep us safe. One difference will also be that we need to be sure to layer up since the doors will be open most of the way to allow for adequate airflow. If we begin to see increased demand we can also set up a tent on the driveway and add a few more spots.  With the departure of Sonya as our spin coach we are looking at hiring a new coach starting in October.  And, as with all our activities under the new COVID guidelines there will be no last minute drop-ins to ensure we stay within our numbers. A contact person for signing up will be published before we begin spins.


We are looking for some feedback from you. Please send an email to mikaela@thesaa.ca and let me know if you are:

–          Likely to attend Saturday spin classes regularly

–          Likely to attend Saturday spin classes occasionally

–          Unlikely to attend Saturday spin classes

–          Will not be attending Saturday spin classes

Please also let me know if a fee of $10-15 would be a deterrent to your attendance.

In this email please also let me know if you are:

–          Likely to attend Sunday group runs regularly

–          Likely to attend Sunday group runs occasionally

–          Unlikely to attend Sunday group runs

–          Will not be attending Sunday group runs

Thank you all so much, and I look forward to training with you all again soon.



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