Winter Break Swim Sessions

Some Swim Sessions for the Winter Break

Here is an updated version of some practices I like to send out to swimmers who have kept their swimming up and wish to continue to do so over the holidays. Never give up form for speed! If necessary, add :05 – :10 rest given or reduce/add the total number of reps to suit YOUR goal for each workout.
When more than one number is given, it coincides with the lane you swim in during practices (ie: Lane 1 is the first # given etc.)
I wish you and your family a safe, healthy and very happy holiday season and look forward to seeing you back on January 8.
Yours in the water,

#1 Some Non-free Joy!

Warm up: 400/300/200/200 choice but NO TOYS then the same distance as pull
16 x 50  or 8 x 50 if you in a long course pool (LC)
(4 of each stroke: fly/bk/br/fr) on :15r
(fins okay for the fly set)
8 x 25 kk  or 4 x 50LC non-free NO FINS :10r
400 pull with every 4th 25 as non-free pull
400 free with every 4th 25 all out…but no stopping (think Fartlek)
Cool: up to 8 x 100 on an interval of your choice as 100 easy, 100mod, 100 hard, 100 mod, 100 hard, 100 easy, 100 easier

#2 This w/o is like a present you can open again and again!

Warm up: 200 fr,
2 x 100 kick,
8 x 50 drill down, swim back,
8 x 25 (4 x 40 LC)excellent streamlined push offs…swim is choice
Main: 5, 4 or 3 times through this set. Time your swims – swim fatigued. CHALLENGE YOURSELF!
100 free on 1:40/1:50/2:00 or :20r (or race pace for IM)
100 kick on 2:00 or whatever you need to get  :10 rest NO FINS
100 Free with FINS on 2:00 or whatever gives you  :15r
100 pull on same time as your 1st free.
1:00 rest then repeat as stated above
Cool: Repeat warm up but eliminate the 25’s


#3 Tracey’s post-turkey cardio buster…a favourite!

4 X 
2 x 25 OR 1 x 50 free – no bubbles on entry :10r
50 “quiet” non free :10r
100 kick (NO FINS)..boards okay :15r
200 snorkel  25 as 3 strokes per arm dr/25 sw SET…) 1:00r
400 Hard free OR 2 x 200 Harder OR 4 x 100 HARDEST!
200 non free with fins if desired 1:00 r
Note : this next set should hurt… (in a good way)
4 x 100 free or fly kick with fins on :30 rest : as hard as you can kk without cramping!
8 x 50  excellent form on 10 sec. rest
alternate free & pull by 50’s
200 cool down breathing 3 -5-7-* 3-5-7…(*9 for the bonus!)

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