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It’s September.  And we all have only one thing on our minds.  That’s right …  “Which lane will I swim in this year?”  Don’t over-think and stress over it – just jump into the deep end and let our fabulous coaching duo of Tracey Shelly and Julia Morris assign you to your pod and help you achieve swimming greatness.  Our Fall swim program starts Wednesday September 27 and runs until December 22.  We’re back to 5 lanes which we will keep provided we have the numbers to support 5 lanes.  We’re changing the pricing structure this year to help encourage greater and more consistent participation.  We have 23 sessions (factoring in  3 closures due to swim meets).  Here is the new pricing schedule:

  • Full Pull (all 23 sessions): $175
  • Single Arm Drill ( one session per week for 13 week): $100
  • Other Single Arm drill ( all sessions for the first 6 weeks – to Nov. 3): $100
  • Drop in: $15

We also have the pool for 2 additional dates where the lanes will be 25m.  This is due to swim meets using the 50m pool.  Normally, we wouldn’t have swim sessions these days.  These dates are:

  • Oct. 27
  • Nov. 17

For those of us who still have outstanding swims from last season, we will reduce your rate by $10 for each swim you are owed (e.g. if you have 2 left we will reduce the price of the Full Pull to $155)

Please note we will not swim on the following dates due to meets:

  • Dec. 15

Looking forward to chasing your bubbles!

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