Coached bike program

Remember that SAA survey you completed last year?  Well, one of the common themes was that everyone wants to cycle faster than JM and Dianne.  Who wouldn’t?  They’re consistently at the top of their age groups and make cycling look effortless.  Well, here’s your chance to learn how to finish ahead of them.

SAA is pleased to introduce a new coached bike program!

The program will include 1 indoor orientation session and 4 outdoor specific skill rides over an 8 week period over April and May.  The program is targeted at the intermediate and above rider who is looking to further develop their cycling skill.  The outdoor rides will be on Saturday mornings for 90 minutes, and those who still have the energy can continue to ride after the session if you need to get in greater distances.

Our coach will be Barb Morris of Performance Coaching.  Barb is an elite cycling coach, who has been coaching for over 20 years, racing for over 25, and is passionate about bringing people to the sport of cycling as a newcomer, or helping experienced riders with their goals of being the best they can be.  She has worked with many cyclists and triathletes at all levels.  See more about Barb’s bio at the end of this post.

The cost for the entire package will be $90. There are only 10 spots available so sign up today so you don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!  Please email to reserve your spot today.  Deadline for signup will be April 7th.

Some of the items that will be covered include:

  • Enable group rides to be safe, organized, learn how to ride as a safe pack on the road, in pacelines, comfortable with close riding. Reduce the intimidation that less experienced riders feel.
  • Provide training that develops fatigue resistance (power, fitness) in short to long distance athletes.
  • Provide training on efficient climbing techniques.
  • Coach riders on their bike position for effective transfer of power to the pedals.

We’re looking at the following schedule:

  1. Indoor introductory session. Goal is to introduce terminology, and go over some basics like proper position on bike, using a volunteer on a trainer.  (Fri April 7, 7-8pm)
  2. Outdoor training ride: Pack riding and pacelines (Sat April 29, 1.5 hrs)
  3. Outdoor training ride: Fatigue resistance intervals (Sat May 6, 1.5 hrs)
  4. Outdoor training ride: Efficient climbing (Sat May 13, 1.5 hrs)
  5. Outdoor training ride: Gearing drill, timed trial, other? (TBD, 1.5 hrs)

Ride locations: TBD but likely Richmond, Delta (near airport), Zero Ave, etc.

Note: Ideally you should know your heart rate zones – either by doing formal testing or perceived effort (this will be discussed in the first session).  There is also an option for formal testing if you are a numbers person.

Barb also offers the following optional services (contact her directly for details – her contact info is on her website link below)

  • Max Minute Power testing or Functional Training Power on Wattbikes to establish current training zones. Using training zones allows effective use of training time for adaptation to occur and for results. $50-$100
  • Seasonal training program, leading up to events $125+
  • Individual coaching Levels 2 or 3, for hands on coaching programs. $225 – $300/mo

A bit more about Barb:

  • 25 years cycling; racing on the road, duathlon, triathlon, commissaire, manager
  • Background in health field administration, instructing and cardiology technology
  • Certification in Sport Medicine (ACSM), Kinesiology and NCCP coach L2
  • Experience with older “new to the sport”
  • Long Term Athlete Development and Sport for Life!
  • Worked with other local clubs such as Peninsula and Leading Edge

Career Highlights:

★2016 Provincial and Masters Games RR and TT champion

★2016 & 2015 BC Master Female Cyclist of the Year

★2015 Cyclocross Champion

★Two time Tuesday night World Championship series winner

★Team member; Three time 1st place Whistler Gran Fondo, women’s team

★World Champion, UCI Masters

★Two time BC Road Race Champion

★Two time Canadian Road Race Champion

★Two time Masters World Games gold medal Road Racing

★Winner, Bastion Square

★Team member at Power Bar Stage Race, Western Canada Games

★Podium results; running, triathlon, xc skiing

★Commissaire, Commonwealth Games


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