Watermania Gates Update

Starting the week of March 13, the new gates at Watermania will come into effect.  Here’s what I believe this will mean:

  1. You will need a new card for entry to the pool.  For those of us who already have a City of Richmond Recreation Pass, this new card will replace your current card.  Your SAA swims and personal pass will be consolidated.  I believe we will receive these as early as Wednesday March 15.
  2. To get this new card, you will need to fill out a registration form (link below).  As this form is a catch-all for all clubs, details around parental approval, etc. can be ignored. Many of you have filled out the form.  We will be bringing a few blank forms for our members over the next 2 weeks which should catch most of our swimmers.
  3. For those who use Watermania only for our SAA swims, you will enter via the middle gate (expedited process).  If you also swim on your own, please use the right gate as the Watermania staff will need to select “SAA” from your profile so you aren’t deducted a visit from your personal account.

SAA watermania swim

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