Swim Practices for the Holidays

And you all thought coach Tracey would forget about you….. Well no chance slackers so here’s the Un-coached Holiday Season Practices put on by our one and only Coach Tracey. Sorry I did not see the files did not upload.

Un-coached Holiday Season Practices 2016
Hello all,
Here are four practices for you do over the holidays. Remember – form over speed and grace over muscling through! If necessary, add :05 on to any rest given or reduce the total number of reps.
When more than one number is given, it coincides with the lane you swim in during practices (ie: Lane 1 is the first # given etc.)
I wish you all the best for this holiday, and health, happiness and prosperity in 2017.
Coach Tracey

#1 (new) Your Age Becomes You
For this practice, you will take your current age and do that number times either 100’s or 50’s…with a set rest time FOR ALL swims!
Whatever your age is, divide it by either 5’s or 6’s and do this number as a set.
Eg: I am 56, so I will do (5 x 100) x 11+1 to make 56 100’s
I suggest the following format:
1st set is easy swimming 6th set is hard free
2nd set is drill/swim by 25’s 7th set is easy kk with fins
3rd set is a swim/kick set 8th set is IM with fins
4th set is a moderate swim 9th set is 500 straight
5th set is pulling 10th set is 500 pull
11th set is Best Possible Intervals
* left over swims are easy cool down
Of course, unless you are my age, your swim will look quite different, but the format for what to do should look similar. If you are over the age of 50, you could opt for some 50’s and some 100’s. If you are under the age of 40, you should do all 100’s! Have fun with this one and let me know what your swim practice looks like!

#2 (new) Going longer, getting stronger
Warm up: 400/300/200 free with drills mixed in every 100
Main set:
200 or 100 free with fins
300 or 200 kick with fins
400 or 200 IM (or non-free) with fins
500 or 300 fartlek free (play with bursts of speed for 10 strokes)
600 or 400 pull, concentrating on finishing your stroke and keeping your head down when you breathe
800 or 500 cool with NO TOYS

#3 (oldie but a goodie)
A little gift of a workout to get your fast times faster!
Warm up: 10 minutes choice – no toys
5 minutes choice with toys
3 minutes choice drill down, swim back (toys okay)
4 x 50 on :15 rest – choice kick!
16/12/8 x 50 swim. Odds must be non-fr or IM, evens must be fr
– odds on :55/:60/:65
– evens on :35/:40/:45
2 x through this next set:
4 x 100
set 1 on 1:45 or 1:55 or 2:05 or :15r
set 2 on 1:40 or 1:50 or 2:00 or :10r
1 x 400 pull breathing 3, 5 repeating on 8:00/9:00/ :30r
Cool: 500- 300 straight free with flip turns off EVERY wall!

#4 My post-turkey cardio buster…a long time favourite!
4 X
2 x 25 OR 1 x 50 free – no bubbles on entry :10r
50 “quiet” non free :10r
100 kick (NO FINS)..boards okay :15r
200 snorkel-catch and release DRILL/sw SET…), 25 each
1 min. rest
400 Hard free OR 2 x 200 Harder OR 4 x 100 HARDEST!
1 min. rest
200 non free as 25 single or double arm back + 25 back kick
1 min. rest
Note : this next set should hurt… (in a good way)
4 x 100 free or fly kick with fins on :30 rest : ALL OUT.
8 x 50 excellent form on 10 sec. rest
alternate free & pull by 50’s
200 cool down breathing 3 -5-7-* 3-5-7…(*9 for the bonus!)

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