New Uniforms and New designs


Our new uniform supplier is Jakroo and our new designs and uniforms are available to be viewed and ordered online at:

In order to receive our orders by June 22, 2015 the last day we can place our orders will be May 31, 2015.

Keep an eye out for FedEx tracking information the week of your scheduled delivery date, as the order gets shipped directly to you.  Jakroo always tries to beat their scheduled delivery dates.

ORDER MODE: Affordable, Bi-Monthly Delivery Options (Order by the 1st, Delivery the 15th; Order by the 15th, Delivery the end of any month!)*
After your first order with Jakroo, the store can then be reset to Re-Order mode which means that the store is always open, and defaulted to the very affordable 3-5 quantity discount tier.  There are no minimums on your re-orders – which is perfect for new members or for those that just want to add a new item to their gear.

For our jerseys, we recommend selecting Size based best on height, and consider Fit Style for width of body and preference for riding.  More information regarding sizing will be available within the next day, but in the meantime take a look at the online store and you can decide what you would like to purchase.samples

-Jersey Fit Styles-
RELAXED: a popular fit style for riders who prefer a looser fitting garment, or for those who have larger torsos or chests.
(Available in Fondo, Giro, Tour jerseys)

STANDARD: this fit style is the for American athletic build for either gender.
(Available in Fondo, Giro, Tour jerseys)

SLIM: fit style for the narrower frames, or for those who prefer a body-forming fit.
(Available in Giro, Tour, and Nova jerseys)

We consider our bib/short sizing to be industry standard and true to size.  We know there is variety in body type and fit preference of our customers – which is why we always want to ensure you’re in the best fitting gear.

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