19th Annual Lavaman Triathlon

On March 29th, 2015 David H stood on the beach on Anaeho’omalu Bay, Walkola Beach awaiting the start of the 19th Lavaman Triathlon.

A non-wetsuit swim in the beautiful Pacific Ocean, Dave managed to get into a good pace and had a strong swim.  Even taking time to enjoying the natural beauty of the ocean.

The bike course takes place on a portion of the Ironman World Champion course and once again Dave proved his strength with a Garmin time of 1:09.

With the heat turned up high and digging deeper than he thought he could go Dave gave it his all on this scenic run route.  Pushing through the last half a mile of hot sand to reach the finish line in a respectful time of 1:08.

A hard day, and on this course I was soon to find out there is nowhere to hide, this course will show your weakness”

Congratulations Dave on another outstanding race. 

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