RaceTek Swim Video Analysis – May 8th, 2015

Once again the SAA is offering members the opportunity to participate in the upcoming RaceTek Swim Analysis Video experience.  Video Technique Analysis (VTA) Services, uses both underwater and over-water high-definition video to assemble a video clip that can be played back at a later stage on a large screen TV to identify strengths and areas for improvement in swimming technique.  Members are encouraged to download their video via a Thumbdrive for personal viewing and records.

In order not to disrupt our regular practice Coach Tracey has kindly offered to program our workout accordingly,  allowing those who wish to participate the opportunity to do so.

We would like to keep the cost around $25 but this is dependent upon how many of you take advantage of this awesome offer to improve your swimming technique and identify areas of improvement.  PLEASE NOTE: Space is limited so to avoid any dissapointments please register early.   At our next swim on Wednesday 1st April, we will ask for a show of hands prior to practice to establish interest.   Should you not be in attendance please email Suzy directly at: suzy@thesaa.ca to secure your space.

RaceTek Video Analysis – May 8th, 2015 – 6am~7:30am


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