OWS This Week: Message from Coach Tracey

Hello All, 
First off, congratulations to all of you who raced this past weekend in Ironman in Whistler…it was a hot one out there!

As promised, open water swimming is resuming for any and all who are interested. 
The tides are fantastic this week for both early morning and/or evening swims. 

I will be doing an early morning, shoreline swim on Wednesday at 7:30am and welcome any company. IF I have enough company and the water is calm, (and there are no seiches) we could head out to the marker as there is little to no boat traffic at this time of day in the Bay.
I will also be doing a shoreline swim Thursday evening at 6:30 pm. Tom is out of town so we will not be able to head out to the marker but I promise to go walk a 2km route and try to mark it so that we can get some longer distance swimming in without going out to the marker. 

Yours in the water, 

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