Long Weekend Swim Workout

Hello All:

Here is a practice for you to do on your own this weekend. I know many of you plan long rides so this workout should help your legs in their recovery!
If you plan on doing an open water swim over the next few days, please remember NEVER SWIM ALONE.
If you plan to swim at KITS, numbers are given for adjustments with a K if applicable)
Where two distances are given – the first number in each set is for the greater distance.
Yours in the water,

Uncoached workout for May long weekend

Warm Up:

4/3 (K=1 lap) x 200 as 100 swim, 25 drill, 25 kick on :15r

Fin set: (for Kits – 1 lap each)

100 as 25 scull, 25 each single arm, 25 rev. catch-up (catch up at the hip)

200 keeping stroke count low

300 fly kick on back or front

Main Set:

1600 (K= 5 laps) /1200 (K=4) continuous with every 4th 25 up tempo!

(if your legs are just too tired from all your riding, you may do this as a pull!)

total: 3000/2400

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