Uncoached Swim Workouts for the Holidays

Once again… a slightly revised version of some practices I send out every Holiday season. As always, please do not give up form for speed. If necessary, add :05 on to any rest given or reduce the total number of reps.

When more than one number is given, it coincides with the lane you swim in during practices (ie: Lane 1 is the first # given etc.)

I wish you and your family a safe, healthy and very Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you back on the water the first week of January!

Coach Tracey

#1 A little gift of a workout to get your fast times faster!
Warm up: 10 minutes choice – no toys
5 minutes choice with toys
3 minutes choice drill down, swim back (toys okay)

8 x 25 kick (4 x 50) on :15 rest – choice kick! NO FINS

16/12/8 x 50 swim. Odds must be non-fr or IM, evens must be fr
– odds on :55/:60/:65
– evens on :35/:40/:45

2 x through this next set:
4 x 100
set 1 on 1:35 or 1:45 or 2:00 or :15r
set 2 on 1:30 or 1:40 or 1:50 or :10r
1 x 400 pull breathing 3, 5 repeating on 8:00/9:00/ :30r

600- 300 straight free with excellent flip turns off EVERY wall!

#2 My post-turkey cardio buster…a favourite!
4 X
2 x 25 OR 1 x 50 free – no bubbles on entry :10r
50 “quiet” non free :10r
100 kick (NO FINS)..boards okay :15r
200 DRILL/sw SET…as new thrust and grab drill (thanks to Heather F for the name), 25 fr
1 min. rest
400 Hard free OR 2 x 200 Harder OR 4 x 100 HARDEST!
1 min. rest
200 non free as 25 single or double arm back + 25 back kick
1 min. rest

Note : this next set should hurt… (in a good way)
4 x 100 free or fly kick with fins on :30 rest : ALL OUT.
8 x 50 excellent form on 10 sec. rest
alternate free & pull by 50’s
200 cool down breathing 3 -5-7-* 3-5-7…(*9 for the bonus!)

#3 This w/o is like a present you can open again and again to see what sort of times you can get down to!

Warm up: 200 fr, 2 x 100 kick, 8 x 50 drill down, swim back, 16 x 25 excellent push off streamlines to get past the first black line in a 25 m pool…swim is choice

Main: 5, 4 or 3 times through this set. Time your swims – see what you can do when you become fatigued. CHALLENGE YOURSELF!
100 free on 1:40/1:50/2:00 or :20r (or race pace for IM)
100 kick on 2:00 or whatever you need to get :10 rest NO FINS
100 Free with FINS on 2:00 or whatever gives you :15r
100 pull on same time as your 1st free.
1:00 rest then repeat as stated above

Cool: Repeat warm up but eliminate the 25’s

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