Uncoached Swim Practice for Friday

Watermania is not open for length swimming on Friday but here is an untouched swim workout for members to enjoy.

200 swim/100 kick/200 or 100 pull/100 kick
4×100 swim on 2:00 sharks (Others:+:10 per lane or :15r, descend 1-4)
4×100 pull on :15r
200 as 25 swim/50 non-free/50 catch up drill/50 kick, repeat if req.)
200 with focus on excellent FLIP TURNS!
4×100 free on 2:10 Sharks (add :10/lane) (all !! effort)
4×100 pull breathing 2, 4, 5 on :15r
Bonus for those willing: 200 IM with fins!
200 choice cool down

Thanks to Coach Tracey for sending this to us.

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