Ironman Canada 2011

This year’s Ironman Canada saw a record number of participants face a very hard day which included record setting temperatures. On this very challenging day the SAA was well represented. We’d like to acknowledge the SAA members who participated. Well done to:

Andrew Do, Carmen Cameron, Mary Lovelace, Erin Lee, George Tiller, Ann Hayes, Marinus Waterberg, Gord Mathews, Barb Hinds, Alan Pearse, Dave Holder, Fay Waterberg, Michelle LaPorte, Barton Pietras, and Jackie Davidson.

A special “You are an Ironman” goes out to all those who completed their first Ironman this year, and to Ann for winning her age group and qualifying for Kona!

Finally, to those who have already signed up for IMC 2012… What were you thinking!?!  Just kidding! We are excited for you.

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