Time Trial Series in Delta

Here’s an invitation from club member, Paris S, to attend a TT series organized by Dave @ Delta Bike Company:

Dave of Delta Bike Company will be starting his Time Trial series “when summer comes” says Dave. Which hopefully is soon. It’s 15K on Hornby Rd (@ Hwy. 10 and Hwy. 99, road runs parallel to Hwy. 99 on the South Side,) – double out and back, minimum traffic.

Anybody who rides a bike and enjoys the rush of speed should not miss the opportunity to ride a TT to see where they stand in their fitness level. The age handicap system theoretically equalizes everybody. If nothing else it gives you the chance to start a datum from where you can progress. It is a cycling event with a long history and for anyone with a competitive spirit, one that you cannot ignore. It is ‘The race of truth’. Just you against the clock. Try it, you might get addicted !

Check with Dave when it will start Dave @ Delta Bike Company (604-943-5670) and enjoy the pain ‘cause if you aren’t hurting when you finish’ you haven’t done it right.беззалоговые кредиты для малого бизнеса

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