Race Report 6 February 2011

Imagine running 4 marathons in a row. Imagine the temperature changing from -5 up to 15 and then back down to -5 while you are doing one run.

Well, Pat Malaviarachchi went to Texas to do just that. The Rocky Raccoon 100 miler is run on a single track and jeep road course that has minimal elevation gain, but does roll a bit. The park is full of pines and much of the course rides on a bed of pine needles and dirt. Most of the single track is covered with roots. The 100mi course is five 20mi loops.

Starting at 6am on Saturday (yes it was -5c), Pat began the journey to complete 100 mi (160km). He had a great race crossing the timing mat in 20 hours and 39 minutes and earning the buckle – and it was a 17hr PB over his first Fat Dog time!

The other guy in the picture is from Washington, DC, named Jeff who ran much of the race with Pat.

Great job and congratulations Pat.

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