Race Report – 9-11 October 2010

A very busy weekend for races.

To start the weekend, Jackie Davidson was in Kona for the Ironman World Championship on Saturday. Jackie qualified for the world championship at Ironman Canada at the end of August.  So with just 6 weeks in between, Jackie’s training continued and she had a great race in Kona.  Great job Jackie.

Attached is a link to an article in the Peace Arch News on Jackie Davidson.  Take a read, it’s worth it.
and a post race article as well.

On Sunday, with some cloudy and cooler temperatures, Ira Sy, Colin Rice and Tom Mueller were in Victoria for the newly named Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon and Julian Forman was there for the half.  This was Tom’s first marathon (thanks to Tracey Shelley for all her coaching).  All did very well in their races.

Down south of the border, we had a larger group doing the Portland Marathon including Stephen Ptucha, Susan Gelinas, Calvin Gehlen, Tracy Marshall, Michelle Horstmann, Walter Kwan, Jim Bodden and George Tiller in some cool temperatures with some light rain through most of the marathon.  Both Stephen and Michelle ran Boston + New York Qualifying times and Walter ran a Boston Qualifying time as well.  The rest recorded some decent times as well.  Good job everyone.

And to the east (and south), where the temperature quickly rose to the high 80’s, Linda Hilts had another great marathon, this time (her 24th marathon) in Chicago.

On Monday was the Granville Island Turkey Trot.  Grand Yeh ran this fun, flat (except for the Burrard Bridge) race from Granville Island, over the Burrard Bridge and around the False Creek seawall and did quite well.

And Erin Lee had a personal best in the Northshore Credit Union Half Marathon also held on Monday.  This is a 300 ft net drop half marathon running from Mt. Seymour Parkway over to Park Royal.  Sounds like a great route (if you like the downhills).  Congratulations on a great race Erin.

Way to go everyone.  Another successful weekend of races by the SAA members.  Hope you all endulged yourselves for Thanksgiving – you deserved it.онлайн решение кредитная моментальное карта

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