Uncoached Practice for week of July 12-18

Sent to us from Coach Tracey in Colorado…

Marrying excellent form with speed!

Warm up:
400, 4 x100, 8 x 50…one must be a kick, one a swim the other a drill set…you choose! (all on :10r)

6 x 100 free with perfect form on :15r
300 free at 80%! :30r
6 x 50 free with perfect form on :15r
4 x 25 all out! (if you are in a 50m pool stop at the halfway point) on 1:00 per 25! Take a 2:00 rest before starting next set
4 x 100 stroke count and descend 1 per 100 on :15r
200 free @ 85% (this will be very hard!) 1:00r
4 x 50 at best stroke count from above on :15r
4 x 25 all out as above!


200 easy social kick

открытие доп расчетного счета

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