Weekend Race Report 22 May 2010


A quiet weekend for races.  It was a cool morning in Penticton but that didn’t stop Rob Herron who came in first place in his age category at the Peach City Half Marathon and he also took 7 seconds off his Vancouver Marathon Half time from 3 weeks ago.  And, Rob also qualified for a guaranteed entry to the NYC Marathon in both these races. 

And on Saturday, Benju Chu was in Chicago and ran the 80km (50mile) Des Plaines River Trail race, nice and cool temperatures for a race day with beautiful course. There had been severe rainfall last week so there was some flooding and lots of cold, wet feet.  Benji had a good race and beat his previous 50 mile (80Km) by over 3 hours.

Congratulations guys.

In an effort to ensure we can track race results for all SAA members, could you please notify Jim Fox (vicepresident@thesaa.ca) when you have registered for an event (including the current website for the race).  We dont want to miss acknowledging your accomplishments.http://audreygoldenassoc.com/internet-zayavka-na-kreditnuyu-kartu.php

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