Race Report 16 May 2010

Another great weekend for racing. And, another busy weekend for the SAA. Even the weather held out (maybe a bit on the warm side – but great preparation for upcoming summer races).

On Saturday, Pat Malaviarachchi was running the BC coast from Squamish to Whistler in the 50 km Tenderfoot Boogie trail race. He tied for 3rd place overall and won his age category  and winning a bottle of wine bottled by the race director from the vineyard he used to own.

Closer to home, we had 11 members take on the UBC Triathlon. Word on the street is that it’s a much better time of the year to have a triathlon then the normal March rain/snow and cold. Marinus Waterberg, Barton Pietras, Jimmy Chong, Leslie Burgess, Fay Waterberg, Jan Frail, Barb Hinds and Michelle LaPorte all had great races in the Olympic distance as did Dan McLaren and Quanny Van in the Sprint and Joel Lemaire won the Short with a time of 51:54.

Congratulations to all on a great race weekend.получить мтс онлайн карту кредитную

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