Weekend Race Report: 23-Nov-09

Ford Ironman Arizona – Nov 22, 09

Away from the November rain of the lower mainland, Rob Sutcliffe was in Tempe Arizona taking on the Ford Ironman Arizona race. If completing an Ironman (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42 km run)  isn’t an accomplishment in itself, Rob’s story makes it even more inspiring. Last fall, Rob was struck by a drunk driver while out for a run and suffered some very serious injuries leaving him in the hospital and unable to run, cycle or swim. Rob has worked extremely hard over the past year to recover from his injuries and take on the training for this Ironman event.

In just over a year from the accident, Rob has completed the Ironman race with a very impressive result. Without having the luxury of chatting with Rob yet to get his perspective on the race, the split times show that he was strong and steady throughout the day. With a solid time in the swim, Rob’s bike splits showed he was pacing just perfectly and getting faster through each of the three bike loops. His run was also steady keeping an even pace through the first two segments, slowing in the third and picking the pace up for the last segment.

Congratulations Rob for a great Ironman and the club is very proud of your “comeback”!!

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  1. Rob Herron says:

    Well done Rob , GREAT job