Congratulations athletes!

Sorry I’m a bit behind!   Here’s a recap of some of the races that occurred in the past few weeks.

July 9th – Tova Wolinksy and Erin Lee did the Axel Merckx Gran Fondo in Penticton – congrats!

July 29th – Sonya Vanderwel did the Tour de Whatcom – 165km bike ride in rolling hills and headwinds.  Congrats Sonya!

July 30th Whistler Ironman – Jackie Davidson finished second in her age category!!  And doing the 70.3 were Shauna Dahl and Laura Chow as well as Alex Rybolov, Brad Kahn and Joanne Hoekstra.  Congrats to all of you!

On August 12 was the Skaha Lake swim = 11.8km from Penticton to OK Falls.  Congrats to “Shelley’s Shark’s” Joel Chamaschuk and Sara Foisy (who took third in her age category!), and also Rob Brow (who only signed up a few days before!!) and Anne Kirkland!   Tracey Shelley coached the athletes to victory, and kayak support was provided by Tammi Mannering, Heather Forbes, Deb Brow and Anne’s husband Stuart.  They were joined by other local athletes Donald Fast and KC Emerson.

Also on August 12th was the Vancouver Seawheeze half marathon.  Congrats to Nicole Smith and Elizabeth Ayers, as well as Brad Kahn!

On August 13th Dave Holder did the Glotman Simpson Cypress Challenge with the CrossRoad Racing team.  Congrats David!

My apologies if I missed anyone!  Please let me know and I’ll update the post!


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