No swim Friday, workout provided

Hey swimmers,
As Watermania is closed on Friday, Coach Tracey kindly provided you a Friday workout. Please note that Starbucks is not closed, so for those who just want to skip to the carrot … but doesn’t the coffee taste that much better when you’ve earned it?

Kits w/o
Kits Pool is 137 metres per length. As such, 14 laps = ~ 3800+m
11 laps = ~ 3000m
9 laps = ~ 2500m
7 laps = ~ 2000m

Kits workout #1:

Warm up:
2 lengths free/2 lengths pull
4 lengths on :40 rest
2 lengths swim desc. 1>2 on :30 rest
2 lengths swim going hard and easy using 25m painted lines
1 length very hard 2:00 rest then 1 length very quiet
4 lengths pull
2 lengths kick with fins to mimic the feeling of being
higher in the water (like wearing a wetsuit)
total: ~2800

25 or 50m Pool w/o

Warm up:
200 swim, 100 kk, 200 pull, 100 drill mash up
6/4×25 free sprint on :15r
300/200 kk with fins
6/4 x 25 non-free with fins on :20r
300/200 back or fly kk with fins or 100 breast kk no fins
6/4 x 50 drafting with partner or an unsuspecting swimmer :15r
300/200 pull
4×50 sighting 2 x per length on :15r
300/200 easy choice or social kick
2700 or 2000

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