Race Reports: Fat Glass 50k & Alcatraz Swim with the Centurions

On Sept.27 Tracy M ran the Fat Glass 50k in Bellevue, WA.  Tracy noted “this is a casual, fun no-frills event put on by the Seattle Running Club. It comprises 5 loops around and through beautiful Bridal Trails State Park. Runners (in the drunk division) start the race by drinking a pint of beer. They then run a lap and drink another pint, run and drink and run and drink…you get the idea! Those of us in the sober division just run (and laugh at the others.)”    Who needs gels?  Sounds like some of our members may be eyeing this race next year, Tracy.  Thanks for your report.

On Sept. 28, Tom C swam in the Alcatraz Swim with the Centurions in San Francisco.    This is a challenging 1.25 mile , cold-water swim from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay.

Congratulations Tracy and Tom.


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