Race Weekend Bonanza

Wow, what a weekend of racing. Who says we are in the off season? Not The SAA.

Huge congratulations to Steve M who heard the words “You are an Ironman” on Sunday for the first time at Ironman Arizona.

Steve gave this report of his race:

“IMAZ was an amazing experience.  Mass swim start amidst 2600 AGers.  Bashed from all sides and kicked in the goggles 3 times.  Water so murky that visibility was 4-5 inches.   Bike course (3 loops out and back) had changing wind conditions on each lap.  As the day progressed, so did the winds, but they weren’t bad.  I believe I raced smart.  Easy on the first 60k loop then race pace, only to slow on the last 60k with some cramping.  Off the aerobars on the last 3k to spin.  Not having run for 5 weeks prior, was not sure what to expect. I eased into a run after alternating walking and running for the first 9 miles.  By the second half, I was ran except walked through the aid stations to refuel.   Cola and chicken broth were a great fuelling combination.   Experienced no lows, except for 7 blisters which needed two stops for vaseline.  Thank you all for your overwhelming support.”


In sunny, hot and humid Waikiki, Hawaii Dawne and George T ran the Mizuno Val-Nolasco Half Marathon. This was an extra special run for Dawne since it was on her birthday! Nice way to celebrate.


Closer to home, Tim and Erin L and Laura T ran the New Balance Fall Classic Half Marathon. The weather cooperated making for a cool but sunny run. Congrats to Laura T who ran a half marathon PR by more than 10 minutes.

Tim Erin


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