12 Hour Transcendence, Kit Challenge Swim and SeaWheeze

Another outstanding running performance by Tracy M last weekend in Olympia, Washington. Tracy ran the 12 Hour Transcendence Ultra marathon. “It got pretty warm and sunny but with so much excellent support out there from the race organizers and fellow runners, I had a great time. I managed to run 50 miles in just over 10 and a half hours.” reported Tracy. Awesome job!!

Joanne F and Erin L participated in the Kits Challenge Swim event hosted by VOWSA on Saturday. Joanne swam the 3km and Erin swam the 6km. Great way to get a long swim in before Challenge Penticton.

Dawne T, George T, Brad K, Diane K, and Heather F all ran the 2nd Annual SeaWheeze half marathon hosted by Lululemon. 10,000 people from all over North America were in town sweating in their best luon.

Nice work by all!

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