Self Transcendence Triathlon – Victoria

Congratulations to Tess Z who completed her first sprint triathlon this weekend AND a podium spot! Very impressive!

“The Self-Transcendence triathlon at Elk Lake in Victoria was my first sprint triathlon in a couple of years and my first open water triathlon ever. The swim was difficult. I couldn’t put my face in the water as I am extremely claustrophobic. As a result, I was the last one out of the water but made up some time on the bike and run. Just getting through the swim was a challenge. With more practice and some coaching, I hope to combat my fear of open water swimming. This triathlon was a good start. I ended up also winning a medal and flowers for coming in first in the Athena category age group 35-49. That was an unexpected surprise. I would like to do the Olympic version of this triathlon next year. Overall, it was a positive and amazing experience.” said Tess.


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