Delta Triathlon and Sun Run Weekend

Congratulations to all SAA members and friends who took part in the Delta Triathlon on Saturday. Once again, we showed our club spirit by participating, volunteering and cheering! We also had quite a few members on the podium.

Ann H
Ellen R
Al P
Dan Mc
Robbie J
Marinus W
Jean Michel A
Debbie B
Rob B
Jackie D
Tammi M
Leslie B
Joel C
Lawrence K
Joe L
Nicole S
George T
Grand Y
Les P
Derek S
Andrew C
Suzy L
Werner S
Erin L

Volunteers and Supporters
Rob H
Jen K
Barb H
Tim L
Mike L
Michelle L
Dawne T and Rocco
Fay W
Joanne R
Tracey S
Joel W

Congratulations to Jeremy H and Marinus W for running with 48,000 of their closest running friends in the Vancouver Sun Run.

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1 Response

  1. Joanne says:

    Wow! What a great showing. Well done everyone! I’m sorry to have missed the action. I went for a run with my Delta T-shirt on and was thinking of you all.