Boston Marathon

As many of us heard the news yesterday about the Boston bombings, we were horrified and saddened. Many of us also knew more than one person running the iconic Boston Marathon.

Tracy Marshall, a SAA member, was running and finished around 2:45pm. I am happy to report that Tracy is safe but obviously shaken up by this experience.

Here is a note Tracy sent to one of our club members:

“Yes, I am fine, thank god. I came in at 4:05 and because of a painful blister, I headed straight to the medical tent, just on the other side of the finish. Four minutes later we all hear 2 explosions, one right after the other. Within a minute, medical personell started rushing in the injured for treatment.

It was very scary and a bit surreal. There was a police officer being rushed in on a wheel chair, crying. I knew then something pretty awful had happened. I get emotional now, just remembering it. I also feel blessed to be okay.

Rest assured I am fine, just a bit shaken up. I will be at Thursday’s run for coffee (not to run because of blister).”

Tracey, we are so glad that you are OK. Our hearts go out to all the other runners and spectators who were there.

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