Race season has started!

Have you missed the excitement of putting on a race bib and putting your toe on that start line.  Good news!  The race season has started.

We had at least three members out at the races this past weekend.  Barton raced the Kelowna Apple Loppet on Sunday (cross country skiing). He did the 30km individual pursuit, which is 15km with classic skis followed by 15km with skate skis.  Barton reports that he, “was really happy with the race because I properly paced myself. Classic is two loops of 7.5km with snow conditions at around zero degrees, followed by a really hilly route for skating. My skating is a lot better than my classic, so I caught up to some people even though I was going up all these hills. I was tired, but I was able to still do the one skate technique even at the end of the race (double poling over each glide).“  Well done, Barton.

We also had Jeremy H. and Joanne F. out racing at the Steveston IceBreaker.  Jeremy was smokin’ fast and I set a new personal best time for the race.  Looks like the SAA racing season is off to a great start!

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