13th Annual Delta Triathlon – Race Report

The Steveston SAA and South Delta Tri Club were out in full force today at the 13th Annual Delta Triathlon.  Today’s race had a great community feel in large part because of the large presence from the Steveston and South Delta groups!  Thank-you to everyone who volunteered and congratulations to all the racers.

Congratulations to: Andrew C, Brian F, Carly G, Carrie N, Catherine H, Cody F, Dan M, David SA, Debbie B, Diane K, Erin L, Evan B, Gary M, Heather F, Jan F, Jean Michel A, Joanne F, Joel W, John B, Kevin S, Les P, Lesley C, Lisa H, Marc Jason L, Mark P, Mary B, Michael B, Reesa P, Rob B, Robbie J, Ryan M, Shannon F, Stephanie H, Susan L, Suzy L, Tammi MR, and Taryn P.

We had close to 40 people racing with many many personal bests. Special mention goes to our racers who placed in the top three in their age categories including: Marc-Jason L, Mark P, Joel W, Joanne F, Jean Michel A, Dianne K, Brian F, Cody F, and Jan F.

Well done everyone!
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