Sun Run and Boston Marathon Race Reports

Many SAA members, family, friends and supporters ran in the Sun Run this past weekend.  Congratulations to Barton P and Grand Y on their new personal bests.  Jane D also placed well in her age category.  Well done everyone!  If you did the Sun Run and we missed you, please email us so that we can add you to this report.  It’s hard to find SAA members names in the list of 38939 finishers!  Update: Congratulations to Russel S who also raced in the Sun Run!

Speaking of sun, this year temperatures were at a record high in Boston for the 116th Boston Marathon. SAA club members Linda H and Tracy M battled the heat to finish well.  Well done Tracy and Linda! Congratulations to all the racers (including our SAA friends and supporters) who battled the heat.

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