Chuckanut Race Report

Here’s Amanda’s take on the Chuckanut 50km event. Well done to everyone who participated. You are amazing! -JF

From Amanda: We hardly had a chance to check in as the delays at the border almost caused us to miss the start of the race. It was a wave start with several SAA members in the first and second waves. These included Pat Malavi, Benji Chu, Andrew Do, Colin McKay, Bev Kong and Tracy Marshall. Dan McLaren, Debbie Samson, Amanda Hill and Linda Hilts were in the 3rd wave. The start was raining and miserable for our wave at 8:20am. After the first hour we started our climb up and up and it went on for a very long time. We had some awesome scenery although the clouds obscured the view. We ran along Chuckanut Ridge which was very technical and slippery as we were in lots of snow by then. We came down for a while, grabbed a bite to eat at the buffet of treats at one of the aid stations and headed up again. The toughest climb was really a mud scramble up a trail called Chin Scraper. Single track, mud, rocks and trees made this section very tricky. We came out of Chin Scraper and headed down the quad burning long trail to the flats. 10km to go from the last aid station on mostly level terrain although as Tracy said “even though it was flat, it felt like uphill.” Our trifecta- Dan, Debbie and Amanda finished as we started- together and happy in just over 8 hours. Of course the sun was shining by then! Pat (PB for Chuckanut, his 3rd time running it), Benji, Andrew (who had a GREAT race), Colin, Bev and Tracy had all made it in before us. Well done you guys! Everyone did awesome and Linda ran the toughest 40km of the course and decided to pull herself out of the race. The mud, snow and cold made this a very challenging course. The volunteers did a great job hosting the aid stations and the finish. Also thanks to our own supporters and family members who hung around for such a long day. Congrats to everyone who ran! открытие расчетного счета в банке

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