Race Report 6 March 2011

Well it was a beautiful day. A bit chilly to start the day, but, it warmed up and no rain or snow.  So, it was near perfect weather for a race.

Tracy Marshall started the day with the Richmond River Run. This is a fast and flat run that uses mostly the dyke from #3 Road and includes around beautiful Lulu Island and Sea Island. Only 12 people did the race, but, it was a beautiful day and Tracy had a “fabulous” time and enjoyed the race. Great job Tracy.

Meanwhile, out at UBC the SAA had a large contingency for the UBC Triathlon. Back to it’s normal March schedule after having to move it to May last year due to the Olympics. It’s not known for the best weather, but, at least there was no rain or snow.

And what a great set of results today at UBC.  For the Olympic distance the SAA had 7 people competing: Leslie Burgess, Jimmy Chong, Barb Hinds (2nd in her age category), Fay Waterberg (2nd in her age category and a PB), Marinus Waterberg (3rd in his age category), and both Dan McLaren +  Al Pearse did their first Olympic distance triathlon – and that qualifies as PB’s for them. In the Sprint…  Quanny Van  PB’d this race by almost 9 minutes) and in the Short… Erin O’Connor who came in 2nd in her age category.  Great job everyone.

And, in Sydney, BC for the Synergy Health Management, Bazan Bay 5k, Brandon Jones ran this and PB’d it by about 36 seconds.  This is the 4th race in the Timex Road Race series – could Brandon be doing them all?  Great job Brandon… a 5 km in under 17 minutes.

Congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend.http://moychaynik.ru/raschetnie-scheta-otkrivayutsya-organizatsiyam.php

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  1. Marinus says:

    Thanks Jim for not only this weeks, but all the race reports you do!