Weekly Race Report 13 February 2011

Well, what a great day for the first half. The rain held off until most of the SAA members had finished… And, the temperature was pleasant for the middle of February. This has to be the largest SAA contingency for any race so far – so this could be the longest single race report that I have written. There are a lot of people who deserve mentioning, and, I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

There were 30 SAA Club members running the First Half, Half Marathon. For Brandon Jones and Russell Sham, this was their first half marathon.

From what I could determine, Personal Bests were acheived by Stephen Ptucha, Andrew Shing, Marinus Waterberg, Jackie Davidson, Carmen Cameron, Fay Waterberg and of course Brandon and Russell. 

Stephen, Jackie and Carmen all ran New York Qualifying times as did Michelle Horstmann and Brandon Jones.

The rest of the group running the First Half from the SAA were Chris Chan, Benji Chu, Andrew Do, Suhkpal Dulay, Brian Flett, Jan Frail, Ken Frail, Calvin Gehlen, Susan Gelinas, Linda Hilts, Roger Keatley, Bev Kong, Michelle LaPorte, Mike LaPorte, George Lau, Erin Lee, Tracy Marshall, Carrie Ng, Les Pereira and George Tiller all who did well.  I know some of you are coming off injuries and sometimes your work gets in the way of training – still this was a great representation of the SAA (and, it was nice to see so much Blue/Orange + Pink/Purple out on the race route).

Great Job!!! and Congratulations to everyone on their race.средства до зарплаты новосибирск

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3 Responses

  1. Jackie says:

    And a special thanks to our fearless, and fast, president. What an inspiration to see him running back along the race route after blazing across the finish line to cheer on other SAA’ers.

  2. Andrew says:

    Great to see so many other members out there and that the weather decided to brighten up for the race

    Looking forward to the next great club favorite…Delta Tri?

  3. Joanne Fox says:

    Great job everyone! It’s great to see so many SAA members out there racing.