Supplemental Race Report 19 September 2010

On Sunday, Benji Chu was at Manning Park to do the Frosty Mountain Ultra. There are 3 race distances (50K Ultra, 27K Endurance, and 13K Lightning) to choose from. 

Benji was climbing up a rocky section on the way up to the summit when he slipped and  fell onto a sharp rock. The rock cut his shin almost to the bone, leaving a gaping wound of about six inches from the knee down to his shin.  Unfortunately there was no medical aid nearby so he had to get back down to the main station (about 17K) where there was help to take him to the hospital where he received 17 stitches.  Definitely something that will slow Benji down for a while.

In spite of it, Benji managed to finish 27K (Endurance level).

Our wishes are with Benji for a speedy recovery so that he can get back out and train for more Ultras.

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