Weekend Race Report: 28-Mar-10

Birch Bay Road Race – March 27, 2010

Just across the border the Birch Bay Road race offered 5km, 10km and 30km runs. On this beautiful, but windy spring day, we had four SAA racers. Ira Sy, Helen Yuen and Barb Hinds hammered the 30 k race and Walter Kwan (2nd in his age group) destroyed the 15 k race. Well done to all of you. 

Oakland Running Festival – March 28, 2010

Further south in the home of Rocky Road ice cream, Jim Fox and Linda Hilts ran the Oakland Marathon. Racers were quoted as saying “Tough race… major hilly mostly up fo rthe first 10 miles, then a major down and then flat(ish). It was hot”. Both Linda and Jim did great!

Desert Dash Trail Run – March 28, 10

Now over to the west into the desert of Boulder City, Nevada, Erin Lee was chewing up the trails in the Half Marathon distance. Nice job Erin and we hear she’s looking for more trail runs.

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