Weekend Race Report: 6-Dec-09

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon – Dec 6, 09

Down in Sin City, SAA’s Jim Fox was at it again collecting more hardware at the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon. Jim had another strong 1/2 Marathon (2nd in the last 7 days). Jim will be following this up with another run in Honolulu next weekend. Also down in Las Vegas was SAA’s pancake cook, Tim Lee, who finished strong in the marathon and snaged a PB. Nicely done Jim and Tim.

California International Marathon – Dec 6, 09

The weather was a chilly -2 C in Folsum at the start of the 27th Annual California International Marathon. The temperatures did rise as the sun came out but that was mostly due to the blazing speed of our SAA runners. The marathon was won by Tesfaye Bekele in a time of 2:13:42. Not too far behind Tesfaye were the SAA racers; Benji Chu and Susan Gelinas.   Benji battled cramping late in the race but held on to finish with a personal best. Susan also knocked off time from her previous best. Both Susan and Benji’s finishing times give them the sought after Boston Qualification. Looks like there’s going to be quite the SAA crew heading to Boston in 2011 (yup 2010 is already sold out). It’s nice to see that CIM was able to accomodate SAA by having the finisher’s medal in SAA colors. Congratulations Benji and Susan – great race!

CIM medalclassic-sprinter.ru мини займ экспресс

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