Uncoached Swim Practice

Since there is NO swimming tomorrow (Friday Dec 4, 09) due to a swim meet at Watermania, Tracey has kindly posted the swim practice so that you may go on your own to a pool or body of water near you and work on your swimming. Bath tubs don’t count unless it’s a jacuzzi tub and the jets are on high.

Uncoached Practice for December 4
(this is a taper week so low distance and high intensity/focus)

* where three numbers are given, sharks are the first number, guppies the second and turtles the third

warm up:
4/6/8 x 50 on :05 rest…mix up the strokes – NO TOYS

(3/3/2 x through)…
200 pull with board NOT pull-buoy at 85% effort! :15r 100 kick with fins but NO board :20r
2 x 50 perfect form free :10r
2 x 25 all out sprints on 1:00
50 water run or easy non-free 1:00…then repeat the entire set 2 more times

main 2:
8/6/4 x 25 stroke count – reducing one stroke per 25…if your first count is 20, your second must be 19, then 18… rest is :10/25

200 choice with every 2nd 25 done as finger tip drag

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