Weekend Race Report: 31-Aug-09

Ironman Canada

For many SAA members this past Sunday was a big day. A year prior they signed up for what is likely the longest / toughest race of their athletic careers. For some it was the first time putting the 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run together in a row and for others it was deja vu.

The day brought warmer weather then previous years and some forest fire smoke rolled in to make the lungs work a little harder.  All the training and preparation paid off as the SAA athletes made it look easy with a round of personal bests for quite a few. At the end of a long day, the racers finished with smiles on their faces as they heard Steve King annouce “you are an Ironman”. 

Congratulations to the following first time Ironman finishers.

Fay Waterberg
Erin Lee

Congrats to the follow repeat Ironman finishers

Colin McKay
Jackie Davidson
Joel Waithman 
Ken Spare
Marinus Waterberg

With some dissapointment, Calvin was not able to start the race due to a medical issue. Following race day and with excitment still in their bodies, a new batch of SAA athletes signed up for IMC 2010.

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