Canada Swim Results

On yesterday’s national holiday, some club members were up early getting prepared for a great feast of waffles, fresh fruit and coffee. Others took the opportunity to spend their holiday swimming around Sasamat Lake in the VOWSA Canada Day Challenge. This event offers a 1k, 2k and 4k swim around beautiful Sasamat Lake and attracts some very talented swimmers.

In the 4k event, Richard Buckley finished in superb time and without a wetsuit, grabbing a 3rd place finish in his age group.  Joanne Fox was right on his toes coming close behind. But ahead of them both was our swim coach, Laurel Richardson, snagging top spot in her age group.

In the 2k event, Barton Pietras, Susan Gelinas and Colin McKay all completed the one loop course in fish like fashion.

Well done to all of you eager swimmers.микрозаймы онлайн на карту сбербанка

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